The History of Hsiu Lung Tao

What Is HSIU LUNG TAO? Well the literal translation is Little Dragons Way, however it's more than just a name!

Hsiu Lung Tao is a street defence orientated martial art based on the late (great) Bruce Lees Jeet Kune Do concepts. The art began its roots in the late seventies founded by Sifu John Carrigan and John's top student and training partner Martin Sterling. Martin has now sadly passed away.

As well as holding several other black belts, John is also a fully qualified JKD instructor under Sifu Richard Bustillo and has nearly 40 years of martial arts training behind him.

The aim of the HLT Curriculum is to help a person grow as a martial artist by exposing them to various ideas and training methods, producing a well rounded knowledgeable practitioner capable of handling themselves in the appropriate manner should the need arise. HLT is a Jeet Kune Do concept art which adheres to Bruce Lee's philosophy of combat, but it also draws from John's experiences throughout the years, not only from martial arts and fighting, but also from, Philosophy and Psychology, areas John has studied in depth and put to great use in his every day life and teachings.

Hsiu Lung Tao consists of certain elements and concepts taken from many martial arts, such as Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do, Western Boxing,Thai Boxing, Kali-Eskrima, Pencak Silat, Fencing, Savate Jujitsu, Aikido and several more, but Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do is the over riding art which all of the other arts play a part in. HLT training is organised into Phases (five in all), and once you reach phase five (Black Sash or Black Sash Instructor) you then have enough tools and experience to live in the moment and create your own Jeet Kune Do.

Adapt like a shadow. Respond like an echo. Reflect like a mirror. Flow like water and strike like lightning.